Seniors: Apply for coverage, get fit today!

Seniors: Apply for coverage, get fit today!

Are you worried about keeping fit as you approach old age? Consider the benefit of Medicare.

Many Medicare Advantage programs offer fitness and weight loss programs for older adults. The SilverSneakers program, offered through many Humana plans, offers adults across the country a free gym membership and access to fitness classes tailored to their needs. These include offerings such as SilverSneakers Yoga Stretch, chair-backed guided stretching exercises, SilverSplash, a shallow water exercise routine designed to improve muscle endurance and CardioFit, a low-impact exercise class that leaves participants with energy Other favorites include SilverSneakers muscle strength and range of motion, which keeps seniors strong and flexible.

For those wishing to create their own workouts, SilverSneakers gives members access to a pool, sauna, exercise room, and other equipment available. A trained program consultant is also available on the site to assist members in their exercise plans. For home consultations, online help is available for those looking to smoke a lot, reduce stress and lose weight. In particular, the Easy Quit online tool is provided to tailor a smoking cessation tool to each user. Now is the time to lower blood pressure, improve lung capacity and stay healthy!

Many older people do not know enough about what they could be doing to be healthier and ease the burden of their health care costs. In this sense, Medicare Advantage plans intervene to fill the information gap. First, SilverSneakers offers seminars on health topics. In addition, most Humana Medicare Advantage plans include 24-hour nurse-assisted help lines to answer any health issues that may arise. This prevents members from having trouble going to the hospital for any minor concerns or complaints.

Also available in some Medicare Advantage programs is Nutrisystem. This is an easy way to diet for those who can’t go to a nutritionist or assemble the perfectly tailored cooking materials. Participants fill out an online form and prepare the ingredients for cooking right at your doorstep! It is by far the most convenient option for the elderly.┬áMedicare Advantage (formerly Medicare + Choice) is a program through which the Medicare population can receive benefits with a private insurance plan. The government pays insurers a set amount to cover a portion of the plan, while insurers may offer a variety of other benefits (and some other costs) in accordance with rules set by the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Solutions. In many cases, prescription drug coverage (Medicare Part D) is included in MA plans.